Everything You Need To Know About Aero Gardens Before Buying For Your Home

Are you looking at Aero Gardens but not sure if it is the perfect solution for you? An Aero garden is the best way to start your own garden indoors and is an ideal solution for people who live in flats and don’t have the proper garden or backyard area to do it.

What can you grow in an Aero Garden?

An Aero Garden is a kind of hydroponic system which doesn’t require dirt to grow plants in it. It is easy to use and saves you from the trouble of pulling out weeds, dealing with dirt, and so on. You just need to water your plants and add a few nutrients and come with a grow light which simulates sunlight. You can grow a lot of things with the help of your Aero garden which includes fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers, and so on.

You can grow a lot of veggies like cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, green beans, and so on. It takes only 10 weeks to grow these vegetables and then harvest them and then you can keep harvesting them for another 6 months. There are several herbs you can grow with this which can be later used in preparing various dishes. You can grow basil, sage, Italian herbs, and so on. You can continuously harvest herbs for 5 months and it only takes 4 weeks to harvest one batch of herbs. One of the best things about an Aero Garden is that you can also use it to grow your own flowers. You will find many custom flower kit like mountain meadow, cascading blooms, and so on.

How does an Aero Garden work?

An Aero garden is an indoor garden which uses Aeroponics. Basically, your plants’ roots dangle in a tray and are misted with nutrients and water in a fixed cycle. An Aero Garden provides the water, nutrients, light and the air which a plant needs to grow and provides an optimal environment for a plant’s growth. Some plants end up growing faster than a regular plant and grow into a larger size than an average plant.

Why should you get one for yourself?

So, now you might be wondering if you should really get an Aero Garden for yourself or not. Well, here are a few advantages of getting an Aero Garden:

It saves money

As an Aero garden requires less amount of equipment and ingredients and most of it anyway come in its kit, it is more cost-effective than a traditional gardening. You just need to buy the best AeroGarden kit for your home and you are all set to grow your plants. No need to buy compost or fertilizers for your garden anymore.

No need of soil

Another great thing about buying an Aero Garden is that you won’t need soil for your plants anymore which means less messiness. You don’t need to take care of your garden’s soil, your Aero Garden will take care of all the details.

No particular growing season

The best part about an Aero Garden is that you can grow plants in any season! There is no best season to grow your plants anymore since it is indoors and optimal conditions are provided by your Aero Garden.

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